Bike Locks Review

Bike locks are as important these days as your wheels. It is so easy to pick up a bike and ride it away. Locks offer peace of mind and protection. Wherever you ride your bike and want to lock it up there is a suitable lock for the job. If you commute to work, for example, and lock your bike up for the day then you would need a more heavy duty lock. Where as, if you were just on short rides and not locking it up for a long period of time then a lightweight simple lock would be more practical. Most locks are now tested by an independent authority and are given a Sold Secure Rating.  Gold obviously being the better.  Bikes, along with all the accessories that you might have added, can be worth a lot of money.  Not only that, to have something stolen is just the worst feeling in the world so don’t be caught out

Read our reviews of the best bike locks you can buy in 2015:

#5 –  Zefal K-Traz A25

A large cable lock in black. It has a high security double locking mechanism that comes complete with three keys. The durable, tough  protective vinyl coating even covers the locking mechanism to last longer and protects the twisted cable with steel links. A small handy folding lock for everyday use that can be carried in a briefcase or handbag when not in use.


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Bike Training Rollers Review

Who would have thought that a bicycle could be ridden indoors but without it actually moving? These rollers are a great way of perfecting your balance and improving your core strength making you more confident whilst out on the road. They will take a little bit of practice at first, as the art of using these really does have to be mastered. Starting off in a doorway leaning on the door frame is the easiest way to start until you learn how to balance. They are completely different to the static exercise bike where you only utilize your legs. When the weather is not favorable for a bike ride you can simply plug your music into your ears, close your eyes, and you could be riding anywhere.

Read our reviews of the best bike trainers you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Kreitler Kompact Alloy Rollers with Drums and End Caps

Kreitler Kompact Alloy Rollers

This roller is available in two diameters, 2 ½ inches and 3 inches and is 15 inches wide. Designed for bikes with a 38 – 42 inch wheel. A very balanced roller with aluminum drums and end caps. It is very quiet and smooth. With different diameters to choose from, that have different resistances, the smaller diameter having the most resistance and the larger diameter less resistance for an easy or harder ‘ride’, the choice is yours. [Read more…]

Best LED Bike Lights

Bicycle lights are an absolute must when riding in the dark. Not only are you able to see more clearly, especially on dark roads, but you are visible to other motorists. Being seen helps you to stay safe. Using other safety equipment like a helmet and visible clothing also help to keep you safe whilst you enjoy your ride whether it be for pleasure or traveling to work. Some lights now have a modern strobe feature, you will certainly not be missed using this mode of flashing light. They can be annoying to motorists but at least they have seen you.

Here are reviews of the best LED bike lights you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Bell Lumina 400 2x Pack – 5 LED, 150 Hour, No Tools Req, Removable Flashlight

Bell Lumina 400

This is a pack of two lights for maximum visibility both to the rider and motorists. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which give 100 hours on a standard bean and 150 hours on a flashing beam. The LED’s are very bright and are visible from 500 feet. Designed to fit standard frames and not oversized styles of handlebar. [Read more…]

Colorful Handle Bar Tape

Handlebars have the primary function of controlling your bike so comfort is very important, as it is with your saddle and pedals. Bar tape is relatively in-expensive but prone to wear and tear. It is great for protecting your handlebars from scratches and chips and provides an extra aspect of comfort by absorbing vibrations as you ride. There are so many different options to choose from. Which material best suits you and how jazzy you want your bike to look either with a patterned effect or a bright color. A tired looking bike can be rejuvenated using bar tape. Make it as individual as you are by adding your personal touch by going loud and bright or sleek and smart. Tape varies in price depending on what material it is made from. While some people prefer more padded squishy tape, others like the thinner tape for a more secure feel.

Our reviews of the best handle bar tape to buy in 2015:

#5 – Serfas Echelon Bar Tape

Serfas Echelon Bar Tape

This tape comes in many colors and designs. It comes in two rolls one for each handlebar, long enough to fit most standard styles of bike. The easy to install tape has an adhesive backing; it is stretchable and quite thin giving you a firm grip. It is fully washable so can be used again. Designed to absorb vibrations as you ride. [Read more…]

Gel Bike Saddles

A saddle used to be just a saddle. That is certainly not the case anymore. They are now more ergonomically designed using new plastics and padding materials for more comfort, less aches and pains and reducing the effect on soft tissue pressure points. Long cycle rides are now less stressful on the bottom. A great innovation for the serious rider. Now available in different designs and sizes it is possible to find the right one that suits you and your body shape. Most have a universal design to fit on any seat post. With the right saddle and safety equipment, helmet, lights etc your riding should be more of a pleasurable experience.

Our reviews of the best gel bike saddles to buy in 2015:

#5 – Sunlite Cloud-9, Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel Sofa, Black

Sunlite Cloud-9

The Sunlite Cloud 9 gel saddle in black has been designed with comfort in mind. It’s gel foam, dual density padding is extremely comfortable. Along with the coil spring suspension it is no longer painful navigating a bumpy surface, glide with ease while the suspension removes the hard work and stress to your body. Measuring 10 ½ inches by 10 ½ inches it has a universal design to fit on any seat post. [Read more…]

Schwinn Bicycle Helmets

The history of the cycle helmet can be dated back to 1880’s. Even then, people would fall off their bicycles or have accidents causing injury to the head. As time has passed by and roads and pavements have been built, which are not very forgiving if you fall on them, the helmet, designed to protect the head, has evolved over the decades. Since the 1980s, serious cyclists have promoted the use of helmets all over the world to protect the head. Helmets have always been classed as ‘ugly’ but, with technology, has come more sleek shapes, colors and ventilation. Proper straps and padding for securely fastening to the head comfortably. Some now even have visors for protection mainly from the sun.

Here are reviews of the best Schwinn bicycle helmets you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

This is a small helmet but with added coverage to protect the small head. Specifically designed for toddlers. It has a brim built in for protection against the sun and rain. 10 vents for air circulation for when the head gets hot. A comfortable strap enabling a snug fit. These helmets are bright and colorful to encourage toddlers to wear them. [Read more…]