Colorful Handle Bar Tape

Handlebars have the primary function of controlling your bike so comfort is very important, as it is with your saddle and pedals. Bar tape is relatively in-expensive but prone to wear and tear. It is great for protecting your handlebars from scratches and chips and provides an extra aspect of comfort by absorbing vibrations as you ride. There are so many different options to choose from. Which material best suits you and how jazzy you want your bike to look either with a patterned effect or a bright color. A tired looking bike can be rejuvenated using bar tape. Make it as individual as you are by adding your personal touch by going loud and bright or sleek and smart. Tape varies in price depending on what material it is made from. While some people prefer more padded squishy tape, others like the thinner tape for a more secure feel.

Our reviews of the best handle bar tape to buy in 2015:

#5 – Serfas Echelon Bar Tape

Serfas Echelon Bar Tape

This tape comes in many colors and designs. It comes in two rolls one for each handlebar, long enough to fit most standard styles of bike. The easy to install tape has an adhesive backing; it is stretchable and quite thin giving you a firm grip. It is fully washable so can be used again. Designed to absorb vibrations as you ride.

#4 – Fizik Performance Bar Tape

Fizik Performance Bar Tape

This Italian branded tape provides more cushioning than a lot of others for added comfort. It also comes in a very wide range of colors. It features 3mm of foam cushioned support. It provides a good grip on either bare or gloved hands because of the tacky microtex material. The microfibre material, that is perforated, is breathable therefore staying dryer for longer. This durable tape will withstand the sun and other elements relating to cycling.

#3 – TopCabin Camouflage Series Comfort GEL Road Bike Handlebar Tape Bike Bar Tape with Reflective Bar Plugs

TopCabin Camouflage

Camouflage is the chosen design for this tape available in various colors. It will stand up to the sun without fading and is waterproof. Coated in faux leather this tape has cork embedded in the polyurethane for a superior grip and gel for comfort. Supplied in two rolls, one for each handlebar and two reflective bar plugs.

#2 – Cinelli Cork Tape

Cinelli Cork Tape

There are lots of colors to choose from for this tape. Made out of natural cork, it is soft to the grip, soaks up moisture and is non slip. It has a nice cushioned feel. Because of its adhesive backing, installation is easy. For decades this tape has been the leading choice for wrapping handlebars. Supplied in two rolls with two bar plugs.

#1 – SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape

SRAM Supercork

Available in many colors this tape from SRAM is of the ultimate quality. Natural cork has been embedded in the polyurethane for the ultimate grip and comfort. It is very light and durable tape. The logo is embossed through out length of the tape. Supplied with 3m of adhesive, finishing tape and handlebar end plugs.