Best LED Bike Lights

Bicycle lights are an absolute must when riding in the dark. Not only are you able to see more clearly, especially on dark roads, but you are visible to other motorists. Being seen helps you to stay safe. Using other safety equipment like a helmet and visible clothing also help to keep you safe whilst you enjoy your ride whether it be for pleasure or traveling to work. Some lights now have a modern strobe feature, you will certainly not be missed using this mode of flashing light. They can be annoying to motorists but at least they have seen you.

Here are reviews of the best LED bike lights you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Bell Lumina 400 2x Pack – 5 LED, 150 Hour, No Tools Req, Removable Flashlight

Bell Lumina 400

This is a pack of two lights for maximum visibility both to the rider and motorists. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which give 100 hours on a standard bean and 150 hours on a flashing beam. The LED’s are very bright and are visible from 500 feet. Designed to fit standard frames and not oversized styles of handlebar.

#4 – Ultra Bright LED Bike Headlight/Flashlight Combo – Zoomable 1000x & Long Distance Range of 500 Feet

Ultra Bright LED Bike Headlight

This light is detachable and comes with a free tail light. Powered by 3AAA batteries it had three settings for brightness. The light can be constant or flashing and also has a flash safety mode for emergencies. As it is detachable it can be used as a torch in all kinds of situations and it fully waterproof. Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

#3 – Bright Eyes 300 Lumen 2-pack LED Bicycle Headlight

Bright Eyes 300

Each light uses 3AAA batteries giving approximately 30 hours of light. Easy to fit using an adjustable screw. Fully waterproof but not immersible. The light range can be altered from narrow to wide mode depending on where you are riding. Also has a flash setting bringing attention to you, great when you are on a quieter road or lane. A lifetime warranty is also supplied.

#2 – Onedayshop® 5000 Lumen 2x Cree XML U2 LED Cycling Bicycle Bike Light Lamp Headlight Headlamp (2led, Red)

Onedayshop® 5000 Lumen

The light is powered by a rechargeable battery pack (Charger Included) giving approximately 3 hours of light. It has four modes, strobe, strong, medium and weak. Also has three brightness settings. An exceptionally bright light that is also waterproof so great in all weathers and on all kinds of roads. The battery needs to be disconnected in between uses so that it doesn’t drain. Setting off on a full charge means no surprises of loosing your lights on your ride.

#1 – BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED Taillight, Quick-Release

BV Bicycle Light Set

This is a set of two lights, a headlight which uses 4AAA batteries and a tail light using 2 AAA batteries giving approximately 80 hours of use and a range of 30-40 feet. They are easily fitted and have a ‘quick release’ mount. Ideal for riding in the dark as these bright LED lights are visible from 1500 feet away. This light is suitable for use in all weathers.