Bike Locks Review

Bike locks are as important these days as your wheels. It is so easy to pick up a bike and ride it away. Locks offer peace of mind and protection. Wherever you ride your bike and want to lock it up there is a suitable lock for the job. If you commute to work, for example, and lock your bike up for the day then you would need a more heavy duty lock. Where as, if you were just on short rides and not locking it up for a long period of time then a lightweight simple lock would be more practical. Most locks are now tested by an independent authority and are given a Sold Secure Rating.  Gold obviously being the better.  Bikes, along with all the accessories that you might have added, can be worth a lot of money.  Not only that, to have something stolen is just the worst feeling in the world so don’t be caught out

Read our reviews of the best bike locks you can buy in 2015:

#5 –  Zefal K-Traz A25

A large cable lock in black. It has a high security double locking mechanism that comes complete with three keys. The durable, tough  protective vinyl coating even covers the locking mechanism to last longer and protects the twisted cable with steel links. A small handy folding lock for everyday use that can be carried in a briefcase or handbag when not in use.


#4 – Squire Mako Conger


This lock is made from hardened steel and has a PVC casing. It has the flexibility of a cable lock but the added strength of a chain. The locking mechanism is a 5 pin tumbler lock that comes complete with two keys. A light duty lock that has a Bronze Gold Sold Rating.


#3 – Hiplok

Wrapped in a tough nylon sleeve the hardened steel chain is 6mm. The outer sleeve is removable and has a reflective tab design. The padlock and buckle are made from 8mm hardened steel but the mechanism inside is made from brass. Three keys are included. This lock has a Bronze Gold Sold Rating.


#2 – Cryptonite New York M18

This lock has everything possible to protect it from theft. The 18mm shackle is made from hardened kryptonian steel and has been made to resist leverage attacks and  bolt cutters. For extensive holding power the locking mechanism is a double dead bolt with a disc style cylinder that is both pick safe and  drill  resistant. An integrated cover protects the cylinder from dust. For added security protection the crossbar has a hardened steel sleeve. 3 locks are provided for the centre key way which because of it’s location also deters from leverage attacks. Rated Gold Sold Secure.


#1 Master Lock Criterion High Security D Lock Includes Carrier Bracket 27 x 10.4 cm – Black

Made for daily use this D Lock by Masterlock has a 16mm octagonal hardened steel shackle. Both strong and durable it is also coated with an anti scratch sleeve to protect the paintwork on your bike. This shackle is extremely durable and stands up brilliantly to  prying or being pulled due to the duel locking mechanism that also has a cap to protect it from corrosion. It comes complete with a carrier bracket that is universal to fit on any bike. This lock has a Gold Sold Secure Rating.