Schwinn Bicycle Helmets

The history of the cycle helmet can be dated back to 1880’s. Even then, people would fall off their bicycles or have accidents causing injury to the head. As time has passed by and roads and pavements have been built, which are not very forgiving if you fall on them, the helmet, designed to protect the head, has evolved over the decades. Since the 1980s, serious cyclists have promoted the use of helmets all over the world to protect the head. Helmets have always been classed as ‘ugly’ but, with technology, has come more sleek shapes, colors and ventilation. Proper straps and padding for securely fastening to the head comfortably. Some now even have visors for protection mainly from the sun.

Here are reviews of the best Schwinn bicycle helmets you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

This is a small helmet but with added coverage to protect the small head. Specifically designed for toddlers. It has a brim built in for protection against the sun and rain. 10 vents for air circulation for when the head gets hot. A comfortable strap enabling a snug fit. These helmets are bright and colorful to encourage toddlers to wear them.

#4 – Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Blue,Adult)

Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

This is a sturdy yet lightweight helmet for the cycling enthusiast. The ‘dial fit’ system enables a nice snug fit for comfort and safety. The under chin webbing strap is also easily adjusted using this system. This helmet also comes with a visor that can be snapped on or off for protection against the sun. To help control perspiration it is fitted with pads that have been heat sealed and has 10 vents for airflow.

#3 – Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle

Schwinn Infant Helmet

This bright and colorful little infant helmet is fully padded on the inside for comfort. It is extended at the back for extra safety. It has 6 air flow vents to keep little heads cool. The strap is fully adjustable using the ‘dial fit’ system for a snug fit on any sized head. A bright, fun, colorful design.

#2 – Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Helmet, Pink/Purple

Schwinn Women's Thrasher

This helmet has been fitted with heat sealed pads for comfort and absorbing moisture. With 20 air flow vents your head will stay nice and cool. The visor, which can be removed, protects against the sun and rain. The unique ‘dial fit’ and adjustable side straps ensure a snug fit for comfort and safety. A nice sleek design for women.

#1 – Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet (Adult)

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro

This is a micro helmet for the true cycle enthusiast. It has a built in visor for protection against the elements. 21 air vents will keep your head cool and the moisture wicking pads will help to keep your head dry. With the ‘dial fit’ system you will easily get a snug fit and easy to adjust webbing under the chin. These are safety helmets that are designed to break up after absorbing any impact inflicted to the head. Modern in design and at a great price point.