Bike Training Rollers Review

Who would have thought that a bicycle could be ridden indoors but without it actually moving? These rollers are a great way of perfecting your balance and improving your core strength making you more confident whilst out on the road. They will take a little bit of practice at first, as the art of using these really does have to be mastered. Starting off in a doorway leaning on the door frame is the easiest way to start until you learn how to balance. They are completely different to the static exercise bike where you only utilize your legs. When the weather is not favorable for a bike ride you can simply plug your music into your ears, close your eyes, and you could be riding anywhere.

Read our reviews of the best bike trainers you can buy in 2015:

#5 – Kreitler Kompact Alloy Rollers with Drums and End Caps

Kreitler Kompact Alloy Rollers

This roller is available in two diameters, 2 ½ inches and 3 inches and is 15 inches wide. Designed for bikes with a 38 – 42 inch wheel. A very balanced roller with aluminum drums and end caps. It is very quiet and smooth. With different diameters to choose from, that have different resistances, the smaller diameter having the most resistance and the larger diameter less resistance for an easy or harder ‘ride’, the choice is yours.

#4 – Progressive Mag Trainer

Progressive Mag Trainer

This Mag trainer has been designed for a minimum wheel measurement of 20 inches. It uses magnetic technology to produce eddy currents which then produce resistance. This fan resistant trainer is extremely quiet compared to other models. Perfect for indoor training and exercise whilst watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite music.

#3 – Elite Arion Folding Rollers with Mag Resistance

Elite Arion Folding Rollers

A surprisingly strong frame for its weight. Storage is easy as frame folds up from the middle. There are 3 levels of resistance thanks to the magnetic technology of the unit. You will feel very sturdy and safe on this roller, compared to others, thanks to the roller units which are parabola. This clever piece of equipment even has a built in step for easy mounting and dismounting.

#2 – CycleOps Training Rollers

CycleOps Training Rollers

With this piece of equipment, the bike is not fixed in any way. Freestyle riding in this way will improve balance and build strength in your core muscles. These rollers are heat and sun resistant, extremely quiet and smooth. The diameter is 3 ¼ inches. This allows for changes in resistance as you move up and down your gears. A resistance unit with 5 different settings is also available for these rollers.

#1 – Alloy Indoor Bicycle Bike Rollers Roller TRAINER

Alloy Indoor Bicycle Bike Rollers

The rollers on this trainer roller are made from aluminum. Adjustable to fit wheels between 939mm – 1039 mm. It has sealed cartridge bearings. You need good balance and core strength to ride your bike on these rollers creating an excellent workout. Storage is easy with this one as it folds in half and is very lightweight. Comes with a 1 year parts warranty.